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Introduction to Dubble Dex

Hello, world!
Dubble DEX is a decentralized exchange that is designed to incentivize liquidity for protocols on Arbitrum, allowing them to earn revenue. It is built for protocols, providing access to low-fee swaps, revenue sharing, and other benefits. It uses $DUB, an interest-bearing stablecoin, as the base token in most pairs, creating unique opportunities for users.
Dubble DEX has a sophisticated governance structure that allows all users to maximize their gains through cooperation. Users can lock their $DUBBL/$DUB LP tokens to receive veDUBBL, which can be used to vote for Dubble DEX liquidity pools to boost $DUBBL token emissions. In return for voting, veDUBBL holders receive the fees generated by the liquidity pools, as well as a portion of the $DUB rebase.
Dubble DEX has some improvements over Solidly, such as yield-bearing stablecoin integration, LP tokens for deep liquidity and additional revenue streams, and claimable $DUB rebases. Trading with $DUB offers a 50% discount on trading fees, and there is a 4-pool system for deeper stable liquidity.
Autobribes are built into the $DUB pairs, and veDUBBL has a variable lock period of 1-365 days. $DUBBL has a max supply, and it is only veDUBBL with a treasury established to buy back $DUBBL/$DUB tokens, creating deeper liquidity and higher cash yields for holders. $DUBBL has a 2% decay, and there is a unique frontend/UI. Overall, Dubble DEX builds on the groundwork laid out by Solidly, Thena, Velodrome, and other projects, adding unique elements that add to the utility of $DUB.
= stablecoin
= share
= vote
Welcome to the lovely and well-known Staking/Rebasing/Bonding or (3,3) game theory 🎲
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